Our approach

Connect2 CME takes an ethically driven, systematic approach to the development of all educational programmes. Our first step for any proposed programme is to conduct a comprehensive needs assessment to identify any knowledge and practice gaps of different healthcare audiences in a particular therapy area. Then, working with the experts in the area, we devise creative ways to best address those gaps in a measurable way.

We maintain the highest standards of integrity in everything we do, working according to all best-practice guidance and regulations both for independent medical education, and to ensure appropriate, transparent interaction with healthcare professionals. As a member of the Good CME Practice group we actively champion high standards in the development and delivery of independent medical education in Europe.

The four core principles of the Good CME Practice group for are:

  • Appropriate education
  • Balance
  • Transparency
  • Effectiveness

By adhering to these core principles, we ensure that our programmes provide learners with education that truly meets their needs and can genuinely change the way they manage their patients.

In many cases we look for grant support to enable educational programmes to come to fruition, whether from educational partners, medical societies, academic institutions or industry – if you are interested in providing an unrestricted educational grant to support any of our programmes, please contact us.