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Independent medical education programmes, including those that are CME/CPD accredited, are required to be free from influence by pharmaceutical companies. This means no influence on faculty, no influence on audience, and no influence on content. Open discussion is encouraged in all our activities to help address genuine clinical challenges.

Without commercial influence, independent medical education is perceived as high quality, unbiased and clinically relevant, and learners are more likely to believe the information they are given and effect a change in their clinical practice.

All our programmes are developed in this way – from live events to e-learning and training initiatives – all activities are designed to close identified professional practice gaps and to meet defined learning objectives to deliver measurable changes in clinical practice, whatever the format.

Connect2 CME delivers exceptional independent medical education activities. If you are looking for sponsored, collaborative medical education please visit Elements Communications.

"Our creative approach to medical education has a proven impact on clinical practice and standards of patient care"